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Reasons to Invest in Canara Robeco Mutual Funds

by John Eshan

Having been in the mutual fund business for more than 30 years, Canara Robeco Mutual Fund is among the top asset management firms in India. Investing in canara robecco mutual fund may be a wise decision for the following five main reasons:

1. Strong Parentage and Heritage

Robeco as well as Canara Bank are two pillars of strength that support the Canara Robeco Mutual Fund. With a century as well as more of experience, Canara Bank is one of the biggest and oldest public sector banks in India. It has a wealth of customer service experience and is well-versed in India’s financial system. Conversely, Robeco is one of Europe’s biggest asset managers, possessing extensive knowledge in global fund management. Through this relationship, Robeco’s rigorous risk management procedures and processes are made available to Canara Robeco MF internationally. It also guarantees the financial soundness as well as support of a big bank such as Canara Bank. Investors are given trust by the mutual fund’s robust legacy, procedures, and assistance, all of which come from both parents working together.

2. Wide Range of Fund Options

Funds from Canara Robeco Mutual Fund span the whole risk-return spectrum to accommodate a range of objectives as well as risk tolerances. Large size funds, mid cap funds, small cap funds, and hybrid funds, as well as debt funds, along with foreign funds are a few prominent fund types. This enables investors to build a portfolio that is well-diversified in accordance with their needs. For long-term growth as well as capital preservation, respectively, one might invest in the Canara Robeco Savings Fund as well as Blue Chip Fund.

3. Experienced Fund Management

Fund managers with extensive expertise as well as a proven track record of performance oversee all Canara Robeco funds. For instance, Mr. Krishna Sanghavi has successfully managed the Canara Robeco Blue Chip Fund for more than 10 years, generating steady returns, and has over twenty years of expertise in the Indian equities markets. The investing strategy used by the fund managers is rigorous and adapted to the specific goals of each fund. Investors might feel more confident that the funds can handle a variety of market circumstances as a result.

4. Robust Risk Management 

Canara Robeco MF’s activities have adopted the strict risk management procedures as well as practices of Robeco. Every fund has a set of specified stock universe, along with risk budgets, as well as investing strategies. Posts are routinely examined and observed. This facilitates efficient risk management across market cycles. Additionally, Robeco does recurring audits and reviews to make sure that the required investing procedures are followed.

5. Competitive Cost Structure

Canara Robeco MF provides some of the most affordable mutual funds available on the market. Its most popular direct plans have total expense ratios (TERs) of one to two percent, which is comparable to or less than those of its competitors. This makes it possible to give investors the highest rewards. The funds have an edge over alternatives with greater expenses in terms of long-term, superior risk-adjusted returns due to their low costs.


A canara robeco small cap fund is a reputable company with a long history, a large selection of funds, skilled fund managers, along with strict risk control procedures, as well as affordable fees. This makes it a viable 5paisa investment choice for anyone looking to use mutual funds to build long-term wealth.