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Top 5 Casino Movies With Great Soundtracks

by John Eshan

Music plays a big role in casino movies, attracting players to casinos online and offline. Some films like Rounders have exceptional soundtracks that create an enthralling viewing experience. This Martin Scorsese epic focuses on Sam “Ace” Rothstein’s attempts to run a legitimate casino in Vegas. The film begins with a Bach symphony and ends with a bang.

Elvis Presley’s “Viva Las Vegas”

Viva Las Vegas is a popular song that was first released in the movie of the same name. It was written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman, and it describes the glitzy allure of Las Vegas. The song is also a tribute to Elvis’s own experience in the city of lights. The film stars Elvis Presley as racecar driver Lucky Jackson and Ann-Margret as Flamingo pool manager Rusty Martin. Although the plot has little to do with gambling or show business, the chemistry between Presley and Margret makes the movie enjoyable.

The upbeat tempo and lyrics of this song make it an ideal soundtrack for casino play. It encourages players to risk it all for the chance of winning big. It’s also a fun and upbeat song that will put anyone in a good mood. The song’s lyrics are timeless and can be applied to any life situation. The King would definitely approve! This is one of his most famous songs.

The Animals’ “The House Of The Rising Sun”

The Animals’ version of this traditional folk song about a New Orleans brothel became one of the 20th century’s British pop classics. It entered the zeitgeist when it was released in 1964. Although Leadbelly’s wistful narrative about a prostitute’s life of degradation remained intact, The Animals made some concessions to make it more radio-friendly. The use of “he” pronouns, a more fervent 6/8 time signature, and the addition of a keyboard arrangement all helped to make this ode to vice popular.

The song’s haunting melody and lyrics about a gambler’s ruin make it an ideal soundtrack to casino. It was used in the Martin Scorsese movie of the same name, and it perfectly encapsulates the glitz and glamour of casinos. The song was also a hit for disco band Santa Esmeralda, who recorded a version that reached number 77 on the UK Singles Chart. Organist Alan Price was the only member of The Animals to be given credit for arranging this track, so he received most of the royalties from the record sales.

The Cooler’s “Las Vegas”

A talented composer like Mark Isham can transform any film into an elegant, atmospheric masterpiece, and this is definitely the case with The Cooler. The soundtrack is laid-back and sensual, while at the same time capturing that unmistakable Vegas vibe. The film is about Bernie Lootz, a casino “cooler” who can ruin any high roller’s hot streak just by playing at the same table. But when he meets and falls in love with a cocktail waitress (played by Maria Bello), his life begins to change.

Despite the clichéd storyline, The Cooler is an enjoyable movie thanks to its great performances and fun music. It also features a great jazzy score from Mark Isham. Although it may not be as edgy as some of the other movies on this list, The Cooler is a must-see for fans of casino films. It is a timeless classic that has influenced many other movies to come. It also helped to popularize gambling as a career, paving the way for Chris Moneymaker and other professional gamblers.

James Bond’s “Casino Royale”

This 1967 Bond film combines gambling and exotic locales with a slew of action sequences. It’s a rougher, more brutal Bond than most of us have seen before. He smacks men’s heads into urinals and drowns them in sink water. He also drinks a lot of alcohol to steady his nerves and to combat the effects of his poisoning. The story is based on Ian Fleming’s first novel. The movie’s production was a tumultuous affair. The directors were often in conflict with each other, and the film lacked cohesion. Despite this, it still contains some genuinely hilarious scenes.

It’s also the first time that Bond falls in love with a woman. Vesper Lynd’s betrayal is the first crack in 007’s emotional armor, and her death marks the beginning of a series of fractures that would soon spread throughout the canon.


Music plays a key role in casino games. It can inspire players to stay longer and spend more money on slots and table games. A successful soundtrack to a casino will be carefully selected by game developers. They will consider the theme of the game and the desired emotions in the players. The composition is then implemented into the game to ensure that the visual and audio elements are in sync.