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love language

Here are some character bio of “BEBE” in the movie “Love Language”.

1) *Personal Information (Bebe)*

Bebe is a mid-twenties young lady, average in height,  wavy hair, and with a curvy petite body shape. She is a definition of a trendy-Glam lady who prefers her body-hugging silhouettes, luxe fabrics, and grand details. Bebe’s Glam Personal Style could easily pass for icons such as Chrissy Tiegan, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez.

2) *Family Information (Bebe)*

Bebe’s Family Information in the movie “Love Language” is quite “economical”. Her only known Family is *Osas* who happens to be her cousin and housemate. 

3) *Backstory (Bebe)*

Bebe is a typical Nigerian Spinster who craves strong love and serious relationship but never seems to get it. She couldn’t care less either. It is either a man meets her high standards or she continues to coast in the ocean of her singlehood until she finds the perfect love story. The love story between Osas (Bebe’s cousin and housemate) and Bankole is a perfect benchmark for her that she ended her relationship with Kingsley on the premise that it doesn’t meet the benchmark of what perfect love is. Going on social media to find that perfect love didn’t do her any good either as she continues to get disappointed. If it does not meet her standard or that of Osas and Bankole then it was never going to be.

4) *Strengths (Bebe)*

Bebe is confident, Determined and unwavering towards her goal in the movie “Love Language”. She seemingly won’t lower her standards to be with any man. Though she craves a perfect love she is patiently willing to pay the price that her standards demand to get it. As a Sidekick to Osas, she is overly concerned, sensitive, and supportive of her cousin’s relationship and did play a major role in the “happy ever after” story of Osas And Bankole

5) *Weaknesses (Bebe)*

Bebe is too rigid and unrealistic when it comes to her perspective of what a perfect love story is. How on earth would she know this was a drawback in the first place when she is an adamant evangelist of her flawed love paradigm.

6) *Flaws (Bebe)*

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” is a saying which literally is a shadow of Bebe’s Love Paradigm. She wants it perfect and to her standards also. She wouldn’t compromise and that it’s a Flaw in Bebe’s role which resulted in her breaking up with Kingsley and remaining single thereafter. She wants her relationship architecturally perfect from the word, Goes!

7) *What does Bebe want?*

Though Bebe’s backstory suggested she wanted a perfect love that meets her definitive standard, her wants were realistically overshadowed by her will to resolve the challenges her cousin, Osas, was facing in her relationship. Having realized how wrong her assumptions were concerning Osas’s seemingly perfect relationship challenges, she instinctively became helpfully concerned.

8) *What’s In Bebe’s Way?*

Bebe presented herself as a reconciliatory bridge between Osas and Bankole. But the new I.T Professional, Botwe, who just resumed at Osas’s office has a thing for Osas. With womanizing finesse, Botwe presented himself everything Osas wanted but never saw in Bankole and She fell like a freshly baked loaf of bread. Now, Bebe’s effort at making their relationship work seems futile because Botwe showed up!

9) *Why Do Audience Care About Bebe’s Role*

The fact she took center stage in resolving Osas and Bankole’s relationship challenge makes her a delight. Despite being single she didn’t take advantage of any hiccups in Osas’s relationship to gain as most desperate single ladies would. She gave herself for her cousin’s good.

10) *How Do Bebe Arc In The Movie “Love Language”?*

Bebe started out as a character who is concerned about herself, her online fitness class sessions, her food cravings and her desire for perfect love. She just came out of a perceived Imperfect relationship with Kingsley and sought a perfect love that never seem to materialize. Osas, on the other hand, is having a great relationship with Bankole according to Bebe until she opens up on her challenge with Bankole and how he doesn’t spend quality time with her. This indifference would lead to a serious scuffle between Osas and Bankole. Bebe came into the mix of this scuffle and presented herself as a reconciliatory bridge. When reconciliation is already building momentum, Botwe, a seemingly cool guy shows up at Osas’s office and steals the heart of Osas. How the cookie is crumbling already but something happened. Osas finds out that her seemingly perfect new lover, Botwe, is nothing but another loose Women-freak who flirts around with office colleagues. Osas won’t condone such and wants a reunion with his love, Bankole. Bebe once again sets up her reconciliatory bridge as she successfully spearheads the revival of a dying love that was threatened by a mere misunderstanding of their love languages. These events would alter their love paradigm of Bebe and influence her to be more understanding and flexible about love.