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How Can You Prepare for Defense Attorney Consultation? (Complete Guide)

by John Eshan

Getting charged for any criminal offense can lead to a lot of stress as you must be worried about your future. Thus, you need a defense attorney who can protect your rights. Meeting a Plymouth criminal defense attorney or lawyer can be intimidating, especially during the first consultation. Therefore, you must prepare yourself in advance. This article highlights useful tips to prepare yourself for a defense attorney consultation. Let’s explore!

6 Useful Tips To Prepare For Defense Attorney Consultation

1. Carry All Essential Documents 

When you visit your defense attorney, it is essential to carry all important documents with you. These include police report copies, medical records, insurance, and more related to the case. If you have any evidence, like photos or videos of the accident scene, carry these as well. 

2. Do Detailed Research

Before going for the initial consultation, do thorough research to understand the basis of your case that you can discuss with your lawyer. If you have evidence, review it once to recall the crime scene. Ensure you do not miss any details. 

3. List All Questions 

Prepare a complete list of questions you must ask your defense attorney. Some must ask questions, include something about their experience, talk about fee structure, ask their qualifications, ask if they handled similar cases in the past, and more. You can either write these questions on paper or make mental notes. 

4. Dress Your Best 

While visiting your defense attorney, you cannot dress up casually. Be formal, and clean up your overall appearance to look presentable. It will give you the confidence to take charge of your case and speak up for yourself. 

5. Be Truthful 

While discussing your case with your defense attorney, the worst thing you can do is not be truthful. Make sure you are 100% honest and say only facts to them. Do not make up stories, but provide all information related to the case. 

6. Discuss Legal Fee 

Discussing legal fees is another great way to prepare for defense attorney consultation. If you feel your attorney is a good fit for you, discuss money matters to establish complete transparency. 

Wrapping Up!

Meeting your defense attorney can be quite intimidating as you are charged with a crime. However, they will help you get out of this tricky situation. You can follow these tips to get prepared for defense attorney consultation.