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How To Book A Massage Appointment On Booksy

by John Eshan

A massage can be a great addition to your relaxation and stress relief routine. To get the most out of your appointment, avoid eating a large meal before and be sure to communicate with your therapist during the session. Finding a professional massage practice near you is effortless with Booksy’s comprehensive search results, which display establishments’ availability in real time.

Find The Best Massage Therapist In Your Area

Licensed massage therapists (LMT) have a wide variety of techniques that can help you relax and manage pain. They can help you with a range of ailments, including fibromyalgia and arthritis, as well as common issues like neck pain and low back strain. When choosing a massage therapist, look for one with experience treating your specific conditions and symptoms. They should also be able to communicate effectively with you and listen to your needs during the session. They should be physically fit, as they may need to move around clients for treatment.

With Booksy, you can easily find and compare Browse Massage Services near you with prices and average user reviews displayed clearly in search results. You can also create add-ons that change the cost and duration of a service, such as aromatherapy or extra time. Clients can book these upgrades directly from your branded calendar on your website or the Mindbody mobile app. Plus, therapists can keep track of important client details and visit history with HIPAA-compliant SOAP notes.

Types Of Massage

There are many different types of massage. Which one is best for you depends on your needs. If you’re looking to relax, a Swedish or hot stone massage may be a good choice. If you have specific aches or pains, a deep tissue massage is likely the right fit. If you’re a competitive athlete, a sports massage can help reduce injuries and improve performance. This type of massage focuses on the muscles that are used most often in your chosen sport.

A trigger point massage is another option for athletes. This type of massage helps to release tense muscles and improve flexibility. Reflexology is a type of massage focused on the feet and hands. The therapist applies pressure to different points on the foot that correspond to organs and systems of the body.


Pricing for massages varies depending on the type of massage you want and your provider. For example, a deep tissue massage might cost more than a Swedish massage. You can use Booksy to find a massage that fits your budget in your area.

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What To Expect

Once you have booked your massage session, it is important to arrive in a calm state. It is also helpful not to eat before your appointment, so that you don’t feel full during the session. Drink plenty of fluids the day of your massage to help you relax. Your first massage session will start with a brief interview and an assessment of your pain and pressure points. This is an opportunity for you to communicate what you want from your session and discuss the areas you don’t want your therapist to touch.

Final Thought

You can also let your therapist know if there is anything else you need during your appointment, like less music, more draping or something specific that needs attention. It is best to be as open as possible with your therapist so that you can enjoy your session and feel comfortable. The Oregon Health Authority website is a good resource to track COVID-19 news and guidelines for practitioners and individuals.