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Pasawell Reviews: The Best Video Review Platform

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Pasawell Reviews

Pasawell Reviews is the foremost video review platform. Our core objective is to bring you credible video reviews of hotels and restaurants that meet your budget and suits your unique definition of comfort. Recently, We toured several parts of Lagos, Nigeria, carefully searching for hotels whose rate is not more than thirty (30) thousand Naira per night and is “relatively” comfortable.

The selection of these hotels involved rigorous online research and on-site assessment to give us a piece of holistic and detailed information about the hotels being reviewed. This is to help you make informed decisions when it comes to making reservations.

On this note, we at Pasawell Reviews are excited to inform you that from July 1st, 2022 we would officially release a couple of these video reviews weekly on our various online platforms (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). We have carefully reviewed these hotels to reveal their pros and cons with a summarized 1 to 10-star grading system. Save the date, 1st July 2022, and watch out for our exclusive video review contents.

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