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What to Expect from Your Body After a Laser Circumcision

by John Eshan

During circumcision, the foreskin of a man is cut off at the opening of his penis. The primary motivations for performing circumcision, one of the oldest and most common surgical procedures, are ideological and therapeutic.

It only takes about five to ten minutes to perform a circumcision on a baby. The same may be said for adults, with the operation taking around 30 minutes. You can select between a local and general anesthetic, both of which include taking painkilling drugs soon before surgery.

Sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis and gonorrhea can be avoided by becoming circumcised if you have a phimosis or paraphimosis. According to the World Health Organization, this method also reduces the risk of contracting HIV by 60% during sexual activity. Click here to learn more.

Concerns Following Male Circumcision Aftercare

  • There is some discomfort after a circumcision, but it is not too bad.
  • One week is the average amount of time needed for healing after a circumcision.
  • Supportive underwear is preferable to baggy boxer shorts for this reason.
  • Put water in your system. It reduces the acidity of urine and minimizes the discomfort of urination.
  • Only apply the lotion that your doctor suggested. The risk of scarring and infection may increase.
  • Put some petroleum jelly on the end of your penis. It helps reduce the burning sensation that some people have when they urinate.
  • You can bathe, but you should not wash your entire body for at least two days after surgery.
  • After the first two days have passed, take full body baths without cleaning the incision area.
  • For the next two to three weeks, it is best if adults abstain entirely from sexual activity.

Advantages of Laser-Assisted Circumcision

  • It lessens the likelihood of getting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and related diseases.
  • Protects almost entirely from developing penile cancer.
  • Aids in preventing urethral infections.
  • Facilitates cleanup for continued good hygiene
  • reduces the probability of HPV infection
  • Discuss your reasons for wanting a procedure like laser circumcision with a qualified doctor.

Laser circumcision recovery time

Especially in the first few days after surgery, you may have penile swelling and bruising. This is to be expected. Ten to twenty minutes of ice application every two hours is recommended. Put some thin fabric between the ice and your skin to prevent frostbite. In the first weeks of recovery, it is vital to keep the bandages covering your penis clean to reduce the risk of infection.

Healing from an adult circumcision usually takes between two and three weeks. You may need to request a week off. It may take longer for some people to get back to their daily routines.