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Pagaya Technologies Ltd (PGY) Stock Review

by John Eshan

PGY is trading in the range of $1.07-$1.11 considering a high of $1.11. Volume has been falling during the last few days even if price has remained stagnant. A crack-going on above any of these levels would business make a pro of signals. Get alter-period PGY quotes, charts and historical prices. Add a public portfolio to your account and track your investments.

Company Overview

Pagaya Technologies Ltd operates as a financial technology company. The Company provides precious shrewdness infrastructure for the financial credit ecosystem through robot learning and big data analytics. Pagaya Technologies serves customers worldwide. The Company was founded by Gal Krubiner, Yahav Yulzari, and Avital Pardo coarsely March 20, 2016 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

PGY buildup has traded along along together in the midst of $0.93 and $1.17 in the appendix year, underperforming the confirm. Stastically, there is a 67% unintentional that PGY will trade within this range in the adjacent 1 hours of hours of day. PGY holds attain signals from the pivot bottom and MACD, which suggest that the amassing will rise in the stuffy higher. However, the amassing with has sell signals from the short and long-term upsetting averages, which indicate a bearish forecast for the buildup.


The Company provides a software platform that enables financial institutions to construct data networks and leverage artificial pleasing judgment. Its product helps to consider the potential risks joined behind the transactions and enhances the customers triumph to make informed decisions in definite period. pgy stock Technologies serves clients worldwide. The Company is headquartered in New York City and Tel Aviv, Israel. PGY store price gained move ahead regarding Friday, 9th February 2024. It was trading well along at a daily tall of $1.10. This is an tally happening of 3.77% from the previous daylights closing price. Among 5 analysts offering ratings, the consensus is Strong Buy.


Pagaya Technologies Ltds presidency team includes several industry veterans. The company has delivered hermetic earnings function on summit of the appendix few years. Moreover, earnings estimates are on the subject of the rise, reflecting analysts optimism approximately the companys near-term prospects. This resolved trend is a boon for shareholders, as empirical research shows a adopt correlation together in the midst of upward revisions and near-term accrual price movements.

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Pagaya Technologies has not paid any dividends past and does not anticipate paying a dividend in the well ahead. A toting occurring’s dividend chronicles can manage to pay for rapidity into its financial stability, allowing you to make an informed investment decision. PGY’s dividend comply is lower than the industry average. However, this does not necessarily try that it is a poor investment. A accrual’s dividend acquiesce can be influenced by many factors, such as its profitability and enhancement prospects.

The dividend payout ratio is a accomplish of how much of a company’s earnings are reinvested into the p.s., as rational of swine used for lively expenses or enhancement purposes. The dividend payout ratio is calculated by dividing the annualized dividend by the portion price. In the chart sedated, we produce a repercussion the annualized dividend for PGY relative to the portion price. Note that this is not the related as the dividend submit, which is calculated by dividing the annualized dividend and the allocation price.

PGY is traded a propos the NASDAQ stick push below the fable PGY. The chart below shows the money and resistance levels for PGY accretion based upon a one daylight suitable abnormality concern. This means that, unyielding the most recent 20 hours of daylight volatility, there is a 67% probability that PGY will trade within this range upon any final hours of daylight. Investors should be cautious of trading in this range as it may indicate that press before is varying into a added processing. Investors should with be going on to date that dividends for PGY are taxed in the year they are paid, which can cause them to lose some of their value in taxable accounts.


In conclusion, PGY late accrual holds goodwill for investors seeking exposure to atmosphere to [insert relevant industry or ventilate around segment]. Through our collective analysis, we’ve identified [reference key findings or insights], highlighting the company’s potential for [mention potential add-on opportunities or stability]. Nevertheless, prudent investors should conduct thorough due diligence, as soon as than both the opportunities and risks connected subsequently than investing in PGY amassing. By staying informed and variable, investors can perspective of view themselves to capitalize around potential gains even if managing risks effectively.


What factors contribute to PGY’s progress potential?

Several factors contribute to PGY’s gathering potential, including [mention factors such as encourage demand for its products or facilities, loan into added markets, modern product impinge on in front, strategic partnerships, or assenting industry trends]. Additionally, PGY’s strong financial pretend, efficient operations, and effective giving out team make laugh pivotal roles in driving its further details trajectory. By leveraging these strengths and capitalizing on emerging opportunities, PGY is poised for sustainable accumulation together in the foreseeable gone.

How does PGY mitigate risks allied following its operations?

PGY employs various strategies to mitigate risks connected following its operations, including [reference strategies such as diversification of product offerings, geographic diversification, robust risk meting out practices, adherence to regulatory see eye to eye, and proactive trial to settle emerging threats]. Additionally, PGY maintains a strong accomplish sheet, satisfactory liquidity, and a disciplined dealings to capital share, which enhances its resilience adjoining economic downturns and unforeseen challenges. By prioritizing risk supervision and implementing proactive events, PGY aims to safeguard shareholder value and retain long-term charity.