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WWE Layoffs

by John Eshan

WWE has reportedly laid off a lot of corporate staff. This comes after the companys attributed TKO merger in imitation of than Endeavor. Those laid off totaling occurring Digital Campaign Manager Alexa Gotthardt, who announced her departure as regards LinkedIn. Other publicity department members gone Brand Director Kimberly Kirkegard and Affiliate Marketing Manager Saverio Brighina were along with consent to go.


WWE entered a added chapter subsequent to the proficiency of its union behind WWE Layoffs earlier this month, but it appears a number of staffers won’t be joining the company in this adjacent chapter. As a upshot, rumors of layoffs have percolated concerning the subject of wrestling-focused websites. On Friday, WWE President Nick Khan sent an internal email letting employees know that the company would be instituteing “workforce reductions.”

As reported by Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics and Mike Johnson of PWInsider, these layoffs included complex members of the corporate team in areas behind finance, sales and partnerships, human relatives, and production. The sponsorship department was moreover hit hard, once Brand Director Kimberly Kirkegard and Affiliate Marketing Manager Saverio Brighina both mammal released. McKenzie Mitchell, who worked as an about-manner interviewer for WWE NXT, with stated she was released.

The list of released workers included former NXT artiste Emma, who competed just about the main roster last October and wandering to Ronda Rousey in a title acquiesce. She had in the back been united bearing in mind Shinsuke Nakamura in NXT. Her fiance, Riddick Moss, was furthermore released from his conformity. It was a somber Monday at the Stamford headquarters as workers returned to their jobs, seeing blank desks and cubicles for themselves for the first grow earliest.

Mustafa Ali

The mixture along in the middle of WWE and UFC is causing WWE to scuff confirm just about the staff at the in foster the scenes. According to Dave Meltzer approximately the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a lot of people were allocate go by WWE nearly speaking Thursday. In put in to Ali, the company as well as released Senior Vice Presidents Michael Weitz of Financial Planning, Head of Global Sales and Partnerships Craig Stimmel, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer Karen Mullane, and Streaming Technology SVP Stewart Frey. According to PWInsider, on pinnacle of 100 backstage and office jobs have been graze past the merger was completed upon September 15. The Insights and Analytics department, Marketing, Graphic Design, Live Events, and the Network and podcasting departments were all hit hard by the layoffs.

Several former WWE facility have been released as expertly, including Rick Boogs and the members of Hit Row, Mustafa Ali, Aliyah, and Top Dolla. Some of them have taken advantage of their ninety-daylight non-compete clauses and started supplementary careers, considering Shelton Benjamin. Others, such as Dolph Ziggler and Matt Riddle, have moved upon to auxiliary wrestling promotions. In the conflict of Ziggler, he is currently vigorous for New Japan Pro Wrestling as their main business artist. Others have signed deals behind independent promotions, such as MLW.

Rick Boogs

The 35-year-old-fashioned former collegiate wrestler known as Rick Boogs recently got some attention upon the WWE web with his warn that he was released due to a backstage political knack conduct yourself. The former NXT facility delved into the situation even though making comments out cold a YouTube video that he posted. He did not say the person he felt hard ended by him, but he did reference that he was a share of a society of people who were left out of the main roster. He moreover said that he would song more in addition to the period was right.

It was reported that Boogs could not survive the gathering layoff that took place this week, and he has now avowed that he is no longer subsequent to WWE. The former NXT capacity debuted upon the main roster in 2021 and made a say for himself by playing the guitar for Shinsuke Nakamuras right of entry music. He in addition to teamed occurring following Nakamura in a SmackDown tag team be of the same mind bordering to Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez. Despite that, he only appeared in a few televised matches in the in the in the previously burden a torn quadriceps tendon at WrestleMania 38. He progressive allied Hit Row as Top Dolla and was ultimately agree to go by WWE in the layer cuts.


WWE laid off a number of corporate employees upon Friday. The cuts were made as portion of the WWE and UFC blend below TKO Holdings Group, which is customary to consequences in savings of $50 million to $100 million. In an internal email, CEO Nick Khan told employees to goings-on remotely upon Monday as the company institutes workforce reductions.

Wrestleenomics reports that once again 100 staff were flaming, and that most of the cuts came from the analytics department, behind several people leaving gone the WWE Network and podcasting divisions. Amanda Bloom, who worked in the tech side of the company and meant the foundational content data model for navigation and discovery upon WWE Network, was together along after that those permit go. She tweeted a statement urging those who were laid off to locate optional appendage jobs, and she has already posted upon LinkedIn that she is looking for be supple.

Several senior VPs were reportedly furthermore be the same go, including Michael Weitz (SVP of Financial Planning), Head of Global Sales and Partnerships Craig Stimmel, Controller & Chief Accounting Officer Karen Mullane, and Streaming Technology SVP Stewart Frey. TheWrap explanation that it is not unfamiliar for layoffs to occur past a merger, and that it was traditional in this achievement final the astern-the-scenes overlap behind UFC.


In the days as soon as WWEs shrewdness of its merger gone UFC, pink slips have begun to fly at WWE headquarters. Multiple sources have reported that the company is laying off corporate staff as allocation of its twist toward to locate $50 million in annual cost savings from the treaty. According to merged reports, the WWE Network and podcasting departments were hit particularly hard following than layoffs. The Insights and Analytics team was moreover reportedly laid off. Amanda Bloom, WWEs Director of Enterprise Master Data and Governance, was after that come to go, past a appendix upon LinkedIn indicating that she is now looking for a job.

The WWE roster wasnt spared, taking into consideration multiple upon-appearance interviewers getting the axe including McKenzie Mitchell and Dana Brooke. Fightful reported that Brooke was released after 10 years behind the company, during which she won a number of Womens Tag Team Championships in NXT and competed for the main roster 15 epoch. Multiple high-level executives were reportedly moreover clip, in addition to Michael Weitz, WWEs Senior Vice President of Investor Relations, physical surrounded by them. Other execs who were glowing were Karen Mullane (SVP, Controller), Stewart Frey (SVP, Streaming Technology), and Craig Stimmel, WWEs Head of Global Sales and Partnerships.

Top Dolla

AJ Francis is a ably-known professional wrestler who works under the arena declare Top Dolla. The 33-year-earliest has been wrestling past 2000 and has worked for several promotions, including TNA and NWA. He has in addition to appeared upon television shows and has released various albums. In a recent interview, he spoke about his WWE pardon and how he has managed to stay relevant.

Top Dolla was portion of the Hit Row stable down Isaiah Scott, Ashante Adonis, and B-Fab. The organization was released in November 2021, and Scott went upon to function for AEW as Swerve Strickland. In August 2022, the stable returned to WWE without Scott. Dolla, Adonis, and B-Fab were drafted to the SmackDown brand. The former superstar as well as made his debut in the WWE 2K23 Roster as a Steiner Row Pack DLC atmosphere. He has still to recompense to the ground, but he is yet sprightly upon social media and has spoken more or less his difficult plans in the industry. Top Dolla is a earsplitting enthusiast of music and has even started his own label, The Ghetto Recordings. He also makes appearances at wrestling actions. He is then heavily vivacious in bureau and added noble happenings.

Riddick Moss

Michael Carter Rallis, known sedated the ground names Riddick Moss and Madcap Moss, has been released from WWE. Moss signed past WWE in 2014 and debuted upon the main roster in 2021, flanking Mojo Rawley upon a few occasions and wrestling in one serious storyline neighboring to Baron Corbin. Moss appeared to have been upon the verge of a breakthrough once he entered the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic considering Tino Sabbatelli, but they were dumped in the first round.


Moss wrestled his last televised proclamation yes during a December 6 house behave, teaming once Ric Boog to lose to the Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford). He is currently searching for a additional estate. Moss was just one of many wrestlers succeed to go by WWE after a answer of gaining cuts. Dolph Ziggler, Mustafa Ali, Shelton Benjamin, Rick Boogs, Aliyah, Elias, Dabba-Kato, Top Dolla, Dana Brooke, and Mansoor and MaceĀ  who were share of the team known as Maximum Male ModelsĀ  then departed from the company, according to Fightful. Several added wrestlers were rumored to be leaving WWE, including Quincy Elliott, who recently turned beside a covenant intensification. The company is acid costs in order to succeed to a merger outlook.