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Rajkotupdates.News : Akash Chopra Says Shreyas Iyer Could Be A Captain For KKR Or Rcb

by James William


The world of cricket is filled with talented individuals who have the potential to become remarkable leaders. One such player who has caught the attention of renowned cricket analyst Akash Chopra is Shreyas Iyer. With his impressive batting skills and astute cricketing acumen, Iyer has displayed qualities that make him a strong contender for captaincy roles in franchises like Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). In this article, we will delve into Iyer’s credentials, his suitability for the captaincy role, and the potential impact he could have on these teams.

Iyer’s Cricketing Prowess:

Shreyas Iyer, a dynamic right-handed batsman, has made a mark in the Indian cricketing landscape with his elegant strokeplay and ability to anchor innings. His strong technique and fearless approach have helped him score consistently across various formats. Iyer has proven himself in the Indian Premier League (IPL) as well, having led the Delhi Capitals (DC) with distinction. Under his captaincy, DC reached the finals of the 2020 edition and finished as the runners-up.

Captaincy Potential:

Akash Chopra, a former Indian cricketer and respected commentator, has highlighted Iyer’s potential for captaincy in two IPL franchises – KKR and RCB. Chopra believes that Iyer’s calm and composed demeanor, coupled with his ability to make shrewd tactical decisions, could make him an ideal leader for these teams. Both KKR and RCB have had mixed fortunes in the IPL, and a young and dynamic leader like Iyer could bring the much-needed stability and direction to these sides.

Potential Role At KKR:

Kolkata Knight Riders, a team renowned for its strong performance in the early editions of the IPL, has struggled to maintain consistency in recent years. With experienced players like Eoin Morgan and Dinesh Karthik, KKR possesses a wealth of talent but lacks a steady hand to guide them. Shreyas Iyer’s leadership skills and batting prowess could prove to be the missing piece in the puzzle for KKR. His ability to read the game and make critical decisions under pressure could rejuvenate the team and lead them to greater success.

Suitability For RCB:

Royal Challengers Bangalore, led by the charismatic Virat Kohli, has been perennial contenders in the IPL but has failed to secure the coveted trophy. Despite the team’s star-studded lineup, RCB has often lacked the strategic finesse to convert potential into victories. Shreyas Iyer’s inclusion as a captain could bring the much-needed tactical acumen and a fresh perspective to RCB. His excellent understanding of the game and ability to adapt quickly to changing situations could prove invaluable in turning RCB into title contenders.

Impact On The Teams:

Shreyas Iyer’s captaincy has already been tested in the IPL with the Delhi Capitals, where he showcased exceptional leadership skills. Under his guidance, DC transformed from being underachievers to consistent performers. Iyer’s ability to motivate his teammates, lead from the front with his performances, and maintain a calm composure during challenging moments is a testament to his captaincy potential. His presence in either KKR or RCB could uplift the team dynamics and provide the stability and strategic vision needed for long-term success.


In the dynamic world of cricket, identifying potential leaders who can inspire their teams and bring out the best in their players is crucial. Shreyas Iyer, with his exceptional batting skills and astute cricketing acumen, has emerged as a strong contender for the captaincy role in IPL franchises like KKR and RCB. Akash Chopra’s belief in Iyer’s capabilities further strengthens his case for assuming leadership responsibilities. If given the opportunity, Iyer has the potential to transform these teams into powerhouses through his tactical acumen, calm demeanor, and ability to lead by example.


  1. Has Shreyas Iyer captained any other teams apart from the Delhi Capitals? No, Shreyas Iyer has only captained the Delhi Capitals in the Indian Premier League. However, his leadership tenure with the Capitals has been highly successful, with the team reaching the finals in 2020.

Are there any other players in contention for the captaincy roles at KKR and RCB? While Shreyas Iyer is a strong contender for captaincy, there are other players in both teams who possess leadership qualities. At KKR, Eoin Morgan and Dinesh Karthik have previously captained the team, while for RCB, Virat Kohli has been leading the side for several years. The final decision on the captaincy is ultimately made by the team management based on various factors including player performance and leadership abilities.