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Meet Deepak Thapliyal, A Crypto Investor With $40 Million On NFTs

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Deepak Thapliyal

There are many reasons why Deepak Thapliyal has spent over 40 million dollars on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) images. Let’s take a look at the 3 below. Read at your own risk. These posts are not intended to be investment, trading, or tax advice.

Making your money work harder

When considering NFTs, there are many uses from the treasury to transfer value. Blue-chip NFTs are usually created by reputable companies in the blockchain community that have a wide audience and reach. They could be something as simple as a utility, access, art/collectibles, or more that resonates within the community that owns it and the broader NFTs community as a whole. That means these NFTs have secondary markets that have liquid value and liquidity.

With the belief that cryptocurrencies have high upside potential, it is strategically important to diversify your portfolio with NFTs instead of investing in digital coins themselves. If you do choose to invest in these items, you need to consider your facts and circumstances before making any moves.

What artists do every day to learn new techniques

There are collectors who genuinely enjoy the art that goes with the NFTs. The NFTs is a digital representation of authenticity to the art piece and is guaranteed fraud-proof. With a world filled with fake Picasso’s and other legendary artwork, authentic artwork that is guaranteed with every purchase will make a game-changer in swindling organizations.

With the elimination of art forgery, you can now purchase your ideal collection of art without worrying about whether or not it’s authentic. With a simple, easy-to-move, and globally shared collection, you can build and easily move from one piece to another without the fear of getting scammed or dealing with the restrictions of borders.

Study to work smarter with our daily value articles

We have seen in the past year that floor prices for blue-chip NFTs skyrocket from single-digit ETH prices to triple-digit ETH prices on a single NFTs. This has caused market opportunity for art to become an instrument designed not only to capture beauty but also to capture value. There are countless stories of people making significant money in the NFTs space time and time again (the margin is high). Most recently, we have seen success with Moon Birds trading at 49 Eth today which is insane! The price has doubled in the last few days; it’s happening which means that the potential value is out there (without uncertainty).

Treasury, collective art vision, and value plans were the main incentive to buy NFTs. Collectors should consider whether or not the value of NFTs is intrinsic or perceived. There are many possible reasons to purchase NFTs beyond what I have explained today. Whether it be a ticket to a concert, a collectible to a fashion brand, etc., they are limited editions with marketability and long-term potential. Although I may have been late in entering the market, I think the potential for superiority is still out of this world.

Wrapping Up

Deepak Thapliyal is the CEO of Chain.com and he is definitely one of the most innovative people in the world. His company is changing the way we shop and do business, and his work ethic is incredible.

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