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Pyti: My Music And My Story

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Pyti My Music And My Story

Pyti is an artist that has dedicated her life to musical pursuits – writing and singing, performing and making music videos, managing bands, and even creating band merchandise. All these things have led to Pyti’s success in the industry today. This article is about his experiences as a musician in the dominated industry of music production and promotion.

Pyti -Musical Artist

Alexey Nikitin is an award-winning classical music producer, best known for his single “Tell Me,” which has received 2.6 million views on YouTube. He produces electronic music with a classical touch and has also participated in the Bank for Gifted Youth with tasks such as fusing classical music with hip-hop.

Pyti has achieved success in a short amount of time, becoming the fastest-growing musical in Belarus and winning international and national competitions and festivals including the President’s Award. With an international tour, Pyti has even performed at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow, the International House of Music in Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, and the Moscow State Conservatory.


Gabby’s music was initially indie and not popular but following the influence of modern trends, her style changed to a dance-pop genre. “Fire” was released in that direction and became an instant hit. The song broke one million streams, making it into a pop top search. Fire is his 1st hit song which release on 2020.

Night Wish And Get High

With the first few notes appearing in 2021, “Night Wish” was trying to express this feeling of falling in love. Towards the end of the piece, this feeling takes a character and intensifies.

First, Blanco y Negro slowly added more melodies and pieces. Gradually, it all resonated with what was inside him. That’s how “Night Wish” was created. After that, “Get High” is another step in the EDM genre. Both tracks quickly became popular. The main difference between these songs and most others in the genre is that they were released with Blanco y Negro (Spain). The song reached over a million streams on Spotify.

Pyti New Song And Future Plan

In the hope of replicating Pyti’s success, Pyti started to create pop songs in the electro-pop genre. His most recent release, “Move on & Tell me” mixes upbeat music with encouraging lyrics.

Speaking to a recent interviewer, Alexey recounted one of his newest pieces. He described how he is a classical pianist and composer, who still tries to perform. His main emotion is happiness, because “someone needs it,” and he is succeeding and taking place in competitions.

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